Philosophy and Vision

Ius was defined by the jurists Publius Juventius Celsus and Julius Paulus as the aequum et bonum, “the just and the fair”, or justice.
IUS.Earth means the art of “the just and fair” action on Earth. Right action on our planet.

A bridge to a sustainable future.

Our Story

Over millennia, the web of life has woven a tapestry that sustains us. We are part of nature.

Today, natural ecosystems are at risk due to our extractive practices. Existing laws and policies to protect nature are failing.

Complex problems need systemic solutions, collective action, and a paradigm shift.

At IUS.Earth, we propose a new approach integrating regeneration, collaboration, business, data, and wisdom.

A bridge to a sustainable future.

Meet The Superheroes

We are a small team of experienced and independent thinkers committed to driving regeneration and sustainable innovation.

Luis Alberto Martin del Campo Gómez


Regenerative Economies Systemic strategy and business

Cynthia Karla Aguilar Orozco


ESG Consulting and Reporting Innovation and Sustainable Finance



Software engineer and expert in AI and digital twins

Our Strategy

At IUS.Earth, we adopt a life-centered approach to foster climate resilience and a nature-positive way of life within Earth’s boundaries. Our strategy integrates technological solutions with cultural transformations and immediate systemic actions.

Our Goals:

  1. AI-Powered ESG Platform: Help companies measure, manage, and improve their ESG impacts.
  2. Digital Twin of Earth: Integrate open data to measure development within planetary boundaries.
  3. Regenerative Design Tool: Use AI to design solutions based on regenerative principles and indigenous wisdom.

Our Approach:

  • Empower entrepreneurs, businesses, communities, and governments.
  • Build a global network of smart, regenerative cities and landscapes.
  • Invest in nurturing leadership and strengthening capacity.
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