What is IUS?

IUS is a comprehensive platform that integrates open data and internal company data to drive impactful ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) actions. It serves as a GPS for businesses and their suppliers, helping them make quick, informed, and sustainable decisions.

How does IUS help in decision-making for ESG management?

IUS simplifies ESG management by combining open data with internal metrics to provide a clear evaluation of ESG impacts. It allows businesses to rapidly access and analyze data, enabling strategic decision-making, promoting sustainable practices within the supply chain, and ensuring compliance with ESG standards.

What kind of data does IUS integrate?

IUS integrates both open data from various environmental, social, and governance sources and internal data from the company. This combination provides a comprehensive view that aids in accurate ESG impact evaluation and supports effective decision-making processes.

How can IUS ensure compliance with ESG standards?

IUS offers tools for compliance and reporting, ensuring that your business meets ESG standards. It provides detailed insights and reports that help communicate your impact effectively to stakeholders, promoting transparency and accountability.

What benefits can my business expect from using IUS?

By using IUS, your business can expect to enhance its decision-making capabilities, drive sustainable actions, and improve ESG management. This leads to better risk management, improved brand reputation, and a stronger commitment to sustainability, ultimately contributing to building resilient economies where nature and people thrive.

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